The advantages fiberglass cooling towers (Y.T.K) compared to other towers

  1. Due to the high efficiency performance fiberglass tower packings is possible to decreased temperature of the water circulating systems easily and with minimum energy consumption.
  1. Low weight and low sound level produced fiberglass tower to other towers finds major benefits them.
  1. In making fiberglass towers of company is used to propellers of FRP by section Air Foil that increase strength and reduce waste cooling device side of workability. (Such as very low intensity and increase the volume of displaced air in the tower for power units used).
  2. As a result the power consumption engines and amp been taking it in fiberglass towers 10 to 20% of the same models they are and thus power consumption Super naturally reduced.
  1. Due to the expansion of entering air around the fiberglass tower increased intake air to devices and causing operating smoothly, effectively and efficiency of the towers. This feature reduces noise amplifiers reduce consumption and increase the volume of air to the water tower.
  2. Because of the apparent shape of the fiberglass tower under construction towers a lot easier than other towers are implemented in terms of the location of Weber's astqararshan they can be also installed on four base metal coil.
  1. fiberglass towers delivery time 10 to 20 days and applying compared to other towers mainly when these deliverables is not more than three months.
  2. Due to themethod of making the possibility of being made of fiberglass towers towers for odmontage there are production pieces and be aimed at the narrow pass ofthe data by carrying two spaces and the location of the installation of the Assembly.
  3. Due to the extremely low pressure drop in the cooling towers (due to not using the water spray nozzles), on the model and size of installed pumps circulating water in the system probably will be smaller and cheaper.