Technical specifications of YTK cooling towers

  1. Fiberglass hull are made with the best resins and needle fibers towers’ 300 and 450 grams and 600 grams baskets.
  1. Fiberglass body of the towers against the sun's ultraviolet radiation (U.V) and variable weather conditions fromm summer to winter completely quite "stable and resistant. body color does not change color due to the construction methods and coloring in front of the sun.
  1. Thick fiberglass hull and bowl cooling towers are selected suitable and resistant according to the manufacturing method. From 5 to 10 mile that depends on the tonnage of the tower.
  1. Packings or heat transfer element are made by the best PVC of thickness of 380 microns and coating or laminated of pharmaceutical and confimed by D.A. The size of the entrance step of determining is calculated in terms of salts in water consumption. (is recommended for general purpose span of 19 mm).
  1. used on this device are made of special fiberglass or plastic compression (Caspian) which is resistant. And is made by using them, especial propellers that it’s name is super blade which cross-sectional design is a Air foil. These propellers are very high performance efficiency. While being lightweight, the volume of air moved per unit of their power consumption is very high. This feature increases the volume of displaced air, reducing power and amplifiers used in electro-diesel engine. These propellers using sound intensity is reduced compared to the standard model and a propeller’ life is increasing compared to similar models.
  1. Electric motors from Siemens Company of Germany with the intrusion of water and dust protection class IP-55 and Thermal insulation class F, the electrical operating conditions are: 380V / 50HZ / 3HP, 1450 RPM Motogen made of cast iron Protective upscale intrusion of water and dust is IP-55.
  1. All bolts and washers can be built from galvanized steel and other metal parts units made of hot-dip galvanizing with thickness of 80 microns.
  1. Pipes and fittings are used that made of polyethylene 6 and 10 atmospheric pressure or made of high quality PVC that strong. Water distribution systems are aluminum alloy and stainless steel.
  1. Floating flouter used in the tower are made of high quality plastic.
  1. All components’ fiberglass cooling towers have 5 year guarantee, electric, 6 months and 15 years of service after the sale.
  1. Location of electrical and electronic control components is installed to improve system performance and coordination between cooling towers and other components optionally available on-line operation (for a fee) in the company's devices. (these components require frequency control or inverter temperature sensors and termostate or interface piece between sensors and other electrical components.)
  1. The company delivery time cooling towers due to special production method, apparatus and equipment have been less and productions can be delivered in the shortest possible time.
  1. The maximum make-up water in each of the towers for a given condition about 5/0 percent to 5.1 percent of circulating water tower.