Circular Fiberglass cooling tower

Circular Fiberglass cooling tower

Fiberglass cooling tower

Cooling tower system by creating contact between the water and ambient air, cooling water is caused oriented for some of its latent heat of vaporization of water droplets from the air and reduces evaporation and air temperature and thus reduce the temperature the remaining water droplets . cold water is always higher than the temperature of the ambient air will be humid . the cooling tower is used when it’s not required nessesory lower temperature .thus we know this device for cooling industrial machines and templates and air conditioning refrigerant in a condenser water used for condax (UFC), temperature difference between incoming and outgoing water in air conditioning usage considered to be 10 F ..

In this type of cooling towers, housing and pan are made of fiberglass, polyester resin and glass fiber. The fibers of glass laminated together with resin, overlapping, resulting in formation template, to become highly resistant one piece .

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