Yekta Tahvieh Kian

Yekta Tahvieh Kian collected more than 15 years experience to design, manufacture and operation and financing of cooling towers fiberglass parts (round and square), 10 to 1450 tons of cooling for the integrated working. Kian unique conditioning as one of the largest manufacturers of specialized fiberglass cooling towers in the Middle East that Has always considered customer satisfaction as our most important goal, and utilizes the skilled and experienced staff, as well as having advanced software and systems to supply it’s customers.

Quality Control

Yekta Tahvieh Kian set as watch of quality control systems, put on quality of work in all phases including production, delivery, installation and support its products at all stages.

Circular cooling tower

Square cooling tower

Manufacturing Packing

Manufacturing Mechanical Part

Manufacturing Nozzle

Manufacturing Fills
  • Design and Modeling circular and square cooling towers
  • Design and manufacturing cooling towers with different capacities and in accordance with applicable across industries.
  • Design and manufacturing cooling towers (circular) from 10 to 1000 tons of cooling
  • Design and manufacturing cooling towers (cubic) from 10 to 1000 tons of cooling
  • Production of parts such as nozzle cooling towers, packing, fan, water distribution, polyethylene pipes, flanges and reduce rotation and etc…/span>

What Tahvieh Kian do?

The cooling towers are made of the best type of resin material, anti-radiation gel coats (anti UV) and compatible with the standard ISO-DIN-BS Consortium. All interior equipment including water distribution, motor, strap, media packing which made of famous brands.
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